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Having a Core Legal Plan in place is only the first step if you want to fully make sure your wishes are carried out after you pass away.

In addition to establishing a Core Legal Plan, Inkwell Attorneys can help you handle the other details of making sure all the pieces fit together and help you properly retitle your assets as part of our Funding Program.  For example, you may need to retitle your home to make sure your wishes are met and that your family avoids probate (getting tied and jumbled up in the court system) after your passing. Probate could mean months or years that your family doesn’t get what you want them to have.

Inkwell can prepare deeds, help you determine who gets your retirement, automobile, savings or other assets, and much more.

For most people, their home is their most valuable financial asset. Probate of real property can be avoided in some states by the filing of a Beneficiary Deed or Transfer on Death Deed. These deeds avoid the probate process and transfer title to your real property directly to the beneficiaries listed in the deed upon your death. Your real property remains titled in your name during your lifetime and you are always free to change or revoke the deed. Inkwell can prepare and/or record a Beneficiary Deed or a Transfer on Death Deed for your real property.

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