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Plan well so you can live well. Inkwell offers custom and affordable estate plans no matter where life takes you.

Guiding your young adult well

Reaching 18 is a legally significant milestone. With a plan you can continue to help guide them through their transition to adulthood.

Join your lives well

Combining your lives means more than combining your closets. Start or revisit your estate plan to make sure you provide for both your mutual and individual wishes.

Protect your kids well

You are responsible for more than just your own well-being now. A plan protects and provides for your loved ones, even if you no longer can.

Transition your life well
Done unpacking boxes? Its time to dust off your estate plan to make sure your new state doesnt come with new requirements.
Continue on well

Losing your partner or getting divorced doesn’t always mean starting over, but it may mean important updates to your plan.

Give well and honor well

Include a charitable gift for no additional cost. For their service, Inkwell prepares plans for first responders at 50% off or free at pop-up planning events.

Maintain your plan well

Inkwell’s maintenance program is designed to ensure your plan adapts with your needs through all of life’s changes.

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We help you plan for the certainties and uncertainties no matter your stage in life.

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