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Core Legal Plan

Regardless of your stage in life, if you don’t have an estate plan in place, we recommend getting a Core Legal Plan customized for you as a starting point for ongoing planning. These plans include either a Revocable Trust and/or a Will, Durable Power of Attorney for Finances, Health Care Directive, Health Care Power of Attorney, Medical Release Authorization, and other documents that our attorneys determine fit your needs after the Design Session.

Our Fees

Plans starting at $750

Inkwell attorneys incorporate legal techniques that work to create a plan that is right for you and your family. The final fixed fee price depends on the level of planning developed in the design session, with simpler plans receiving a lesser fee and more complex plans (that often provide your beneficiaries with greater protections) receiving a greater fee. Therefore the final fixed fee corresponding to your legal plan varies based on many factors. Some of which include:

  • if the plan is for a single individual or a married couple.
  • if the plan incorporates a revocable trust to avoid probate.
  • if you want to include creditor and divorce protection for a surviving spouse.
  • if you want to incorporate creditor and divorce protection for your children and other descendants.
  • if you want to include enhanced basis planning to allow your children to pay lower income taxes on money you leave them.
  • if you need to appoint guardians for minor children.
  • if you want to plan for the care of your pet.
  • if you want to prevent a descendant from receiving your assets upon your death.

Inkwell never charges any fees associated with charitable planning clients wish to incorporate into their plans. Inkwell encourages clients to consider leaving a lasting memorial in the form of a charitable gift in their planning and never charges additional fees for clients wishing to do so.

Additionally, Inkwell will provide the following services at no additional fee for clients enrolled in Inkwell’s maintenance program:

  • Ongoing legal consultation (to answer any questions that may arise relating to your plan).
  • Legal services relating to the probate of qualifying estates (a $2,550 value).

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