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We at Inkwell know that the concept of estate planning can be tough to navigate.  Beyond that, you have the choice of online DIY sites, traditional law firms and now Inkwell.  When choosing your provider you need to ask yourself what is most important to you about the process.  Is it cost?  Convenience?  Quality?  To help make your decision, check out how we stack up against the competition.


Online - DIY Model

Traditional Firm


  • Your initial design session with an Inkwell Attorney is at no-obligation to you.

  • Inkwell always charges an agreed upon fixed fee. Fees depend on the complexity of your plan and start at $550.

  • No-interest financing plans available.

  • 50% discounts for first responders.

  • Maintenance Program members receive 50% off amendments to their legal plans, among other benefits.

  • Typically must pay upfront, before beginning the process.

  • Unknown long-term cost if documents do not work for you as your situation evolves.

  • Plans typically cost several thousands of dollars.

  • Customized for you, but many hidden expenses and additional costs not disclosed up front.


  • Meet with your friendly Inkwell attorney for your no obligation design session on your time by phone or video.

  • Documents are delivered at a time and location of your choosing by a document specialist authorized to oversee the proper execution of your legal documents.

  • Online models are convenient, but you need to take care of legal oversight, notarization, and execution on your own.

  • Meetings are set at the time and location of convenience to the attorney, instead of you.

Fast Turnaround / Delivery

  • After your design session, our documents are typically ready for signature within two weeks.

  • If you need faster service, we can help you out for an additional fee.

  • Your documents are hand-delivered by a document specialist, who will make sure they are properly executed.

  • Documents are available immediately for download, but will still need the proper notarization and execution to be legally binding.

  • Turnaround times vary at traditional firms and may be prepared several weeks to even months after consultation.

Attorney Prepared Customized Plans

  • Inkwell’s attorneys pride themselves on preparing customized legal plans that are both comprehensive and comprehensible.

  • Generic and only customized by you.

  • Relies on hours of self-education by client.

  • Read the small print at the bottom of these options. Both LegalZoom and RocketLawyer note on their websites that their materials may contain inaccuracies and need to be reviewed carefully by the client.

  • No attorney client relationship means the information you provide is not protected by the attorney-client privilege.

  • You will be working with an actual attorney, but at a higher cost and on their terms, not yours.

  • Plans are often written in “legalese” making it difficult for clients to understand their own plan

Ongoing Relationships

  • Work with an Inkwell team member every step of the way.

  • Inkwell’s attorneys focus on educating you on the process and to prepare legal documents you can understand.

  • Inkwell offers a funding program to make sure that the titling of your assets coordinates with your plan.

  • At Inkwell, we believe an estate plan should be maintained throughout various “ages and stages” of life. We offer a maintenance program to help you do just that.

  • Subscription packages are often more expensive than Inkwell’s maintenance program, while Inkwell’s maintenance program is more robust.

  • No funding program is included.

  • Many firms will put the burden on you to be proactive about your legal needs and typically will charge an uncertain hourly rate to prepare plan amendments, fund plans, and estate administration work.

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