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Trust and Estate Administration

After you pass away there are certain actions that need to be taken to execute your plan. Inkwell can help make a very complicated and confusing process simple and straightforward. Inkwell’s attorneys will guide survivors through the administration process for both Trust and Estate Administration.

Trust Administration

Inkwell will help guide your trustees and family with the administration of your revocable trust. Trust Administration work will be done on a fixed fee basis quoted at such time services are needed.

Estate Administration

Inkwell’s Core Legal Plans, Funding Program and Maintenance Program aim to avoid probate upon your passing.  An essential step in avoiding probate is to ensure your assets are properly titled.  While the probate process is typically a time consuming and expensive process, most states allow for a simplified process for small estates that are under a certain dollar amount, which varies by state.

Inkwell’s Funding Program is designed to ensure that your assets are properly titled to avoid probate.

Unforeseen events, however, may cause certain assets to be subject to probate; for example, savings bonds that your parents may have purchased for you and are in their safe deposit box.  For Clients enrolled in Inkwell’s Maintenance Program, Inkwell will provide at no additional cost the probate legal services associated with any estate qualifying for a state’s simplified process for small estates, however, Inkwell does not represent contested estates.

Inkwell’s Maintenance Program is designed so that your legal plan can grow to fit your needs throughout life, and to provide the reassurance that Inkwell’s professionals will be by your side through all of life’s twists and turns.

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