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Maintenance Program

Inkwell’s Maintenance Program is designed so that your legal plan can grow to fit your needs throughout life, and to provide the reassurance that Inkwell’s professionals will be by your side through all of life’s twists and turns.

Benefits of the Maintenance Program

  • 50% discount to changes to your core legal plan or student legal plan (so that keeping your plan in line with your wishes isn’t cost prohibitive).
  • 10% discount for immediate family members obtaining core legal plans or student legal plans (so that you have the security to know your loved ones are well prepared too).
  • Notices of any change in law affecting your plan (so that you can ensure that your plan stays up to date).
  • Annual Executive Summary and Funding Reminder (so that you can be sure that your plan still fits your needs and wishes).
  • Access to forms needed to administer plan (so that you can access helpful forms).
  • Ongoing consultation (so that we can answer any questions that you may have).
  • Inkwell will provide at no additional cost probate legal services associated with any qualifying estate (see Trust and Estate Administration for more details) (approximately a $2,550 value) (so that you don’t have to worry about uncertain legal costs after you are gone).
  • Access to a secure Everplan account to store, maintain and share your plan (a $75 value) (so that you can share important documents with your agents, family and advisers both during your life and after you are gone). To learn more about how Everplans can keep your life organized, watch the following video.

Duration: Annual subscription
Cost: $100 per individual, $150 couple, billed annually

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