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Maintenance Program

Inkwell’s Maintenance Program is designed so your legal plan can grow and change to fit your needs. We’ll be by your side through all of life’s twists and turns.

Benefits of the Inkwell Maintenance Program

There are many perks for participating in the Inkwell Maintenance Program, including:

50% discount on changes to your core legal plan or student legal plan
10% discount for immediate family members obtaining core or student legal plans
Notices of any change in law affecting your plan
Annual Executive Summary and Funding Reminder
Access to forms needed to administer the plan
Ongoing consultation
Access to a secure Everplan account to store, maintain, and share your plan

These benefits allow you to save money, be prepared, and have plan transparency. Inkwell’s Maintenance Program is a billed annual subscription. The yearly cost is $100 per individual and $150 per couple.

Retitle Your Assets Through Our Funding Program

Through the Inkwell Funding Program, we help you retitle certain assets to avoid getting tied up in the legal process after you pass away. Get started on your Funding Program today.

Create a Plan for Every Stage of Life

No matter what stage of life you’re in, Inkwell’s Maintenance Program guides you every step of the way. You and your Inkwell attorney can develop plans for:


As a parent, your job is to watch your kids grow and keep them safe. Many parents forget that they play an active role in their kid’s financial and legal future as well.

When children are young, parents have access to all their most important information, including healthcare, education, and finances. However, after children turn 18, parents are less likely to be involved with their legal plan.

Developing a family plan with Inkwell ensures that you and your kids have everything you need to help navigate life’s most challenging decisions.


Marriage is a significant step in anyone’s life. Merging and aligning financial plans can be incredibly overwhelming for newlyweds. With Inkwell’s Core Legal Plan, we can help you streamline your marital financial plan if you were to pass away. This includes designating someone to make decisions for you when you’re not able.

Having Kids

Having children is an exciting time for any family, and it’s vital to include them in the grand scheme of things. Adding new members to your family means adding and making updates to your Inkwell legal plan. If something were to happen to you or your spouse, it’s vital to protect and provide for your kids in your legal plan.


Looking to buy a bigger house or maybe even downsize? Many people don’t understand the impact state laws have on your plans. After settling into your new space, make sure you establish an Inkwell legal plan to incorporate your new state law and adequately prepare and protect your loved ones.

Being Independent

Whether you’re battling a divorce or mourning the passing of a spouse, it’s easy to forget about your estate plan. If your former spouse is still a beneficiary of your plan, this can cause significant stress for your loved ones. Stay connected with your Inkwell attorney to make significant plan updates.

How It Works

Unlike online models and traditional firms, Inkwell takes a modern approach to attorney-prepared legal documents. Our process is as follows:

Inkwell strives to provide high-quality legal services to families and individuals as they plan for the future.

Contact us today to keep your estate plan up to date!